I am Esme

a passionate full stack developer 👩🏻‍💻❤️

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About Me

I recently completed a remote Advanced Technical Training in Full Stack Development by CodeOp, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia campus; checkout my profile on their website. I would like to contribute my knowledge and passion in this field while continuing to hone my skills further. I come from a background of ten years in finance, administration and human resources role; my experiences have taught me to be meticulous, perservering under pressure and strict with meeting deadlines.

Skills I Have Learned

HTML5 CSS3 javascript

React Vue Node.Js Express.Js

MySQL MongoDB GraphQL

My Projects

Get In Touch

How can I help?

I am keen on any web development job based in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia or remotely; I am also open to collaborative projects or internship. If you like my work or have an opportunity for me, please get in touch, thank you!